TiO2 Products Can Be Found in Almost Every Industry

Our TiO2 pigment goes into hundreds of articles and surfaces, – from mobile devices to the paint on the wall. Magazine covers, window frames, cars, cosmetics, and most other common place items – that are white or pastel colored contain titanium dioxide. TiO2 also enhances the brilliance of colors.


KRONOS offers an extensive portfolio of dry pigments and pigment slurries for the paint and coatings industry. Easy dispersion, highest opacity, tinting strength, and excellent gloss development are just a few of the features our TiO2 pigments provide. KRONOS pigments for coatings cover the full array of applications from high-performance exterior coatings to dead-matt indoor emulsion paints in waterborne, solvent based, or solvent-free systems.

Coating Applications for TiO2 Grades

Industrial Coatings


Marine Coatings

Wood Protection

UV Coatings

Coil Coatings

Can Coatings

Powder Coatings

Automotive Paints

Emulsion Paints

Silicone Paints

Silicate Paints


Printing Inks


Superior whiteness, opacity, and tinting strength, coupled with excellent processability and outstanding weathering performance, are some of the key features of KRONOS pigments for plastics. KRONOS pigments offer state-of-the-art characteristics for special high-end applications such as highest thermal stability in polycarbonates, or perfect UV protection of white PVC profiles.

Plastic Applications for TiO2 Grades





Other engineering plastics


High whiteness, excellent opacity, as well as good retention behavior in paper pulp, are key properties of the KRONOS pigments for paper applications. The use of optical brighteners in combination with our anatase pigments subsequently enhances the whiteness and the bluish tone of the resulting paper and paper coatings. For paper laminates, KRONOS offers a tailor-made rutile product that shows excellent UV stability and high yellowing resistance.

Paper Applications for TiO2 Grades


Paper labels

Decorative papers and foils

LWC paper (lightweight coated)

Tipping paper for cigarettes



White TiO2 pigments are increasingly used in various printing technologies and applications, especially in the field of solvent-based and waterborne gravure, flexographic, and digital printing inks. The low abrasion behavior and excellent opacity of optimized KRONOS ink grades produced by the sulfate process are key attributes for various printing inks.

KRONOS’ forward-thinking attitude has led to a range of innovative products, such as the novel white aqueous pigment concentrate for digital printing, which provides an excellent storage stability based on anti-settlement properties paired with superior opacity and highest whiteness properties.

Ink Applications for TiO2 Grades

Gravure inks

Flexographic inks

Screen printing inks

Digital printing inks

UV-cured inks

Lamination inks

Reverse printing inks


Pharma and Cosmetics

KRONOS offers high purity TiO2 pigments that are approved for the coloring of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

They are used in a variety of applications such as decorative cosmetics and personal care products, or as colorant for different pharmaceuticals worldwide. KRONOS grades boost opacity and brightness in combination with a prolonged shelf life providing unique benefits to various cosmetic and pharmaceutical formulations by protecting their active substances from decomposition by light.  For pharmaceuticals, KRONOS TiO2 provides a very important additional function—allowing patients to distinguish between medications based on color or color marking of the products made possible by TiO2.

Pharma and Cosmetic Applications for TiO2 Grades





Dietary Supplements


Decorative and Colored cosmetics

Make-up, Stage make-up

Personal care products

Lip sticks

Nail varnishes



Food and Feed

TiO2 is also authorized for use in human food and animal feed applications.  Our purified TiO2 grades  are certified to FSSC 22000 (Food Safety System Certification). TiO2 is not authorized for such uses in the European Union.  As authorizations can change over time. Please contact Product Stewardship ([email protected]) for updated information.


Special Applications (from Ceramics to Fibers)

KRONOS is continuously striving for innovation and improvement and to be the first choice of customers. We offer a variety of customers solutions for their needs. KRONOS is permanently thinking ahead and tackling the challenges of the future for the benefit of its customers. Whether to improve our reliable and well-established grades or to find new and game-changing ones, KRONOS has been a leader in research and development for more than a century.

Special Applications for TiO2 Grades


Synthetic fibers (rayon, polyacrylics)

Welding rods

Ceramics and Electro ceramics




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