Brighter together

Brighter together is much more than just our claim. These two words are the heart of our global culture. This is how we add value and interact with each other and our customers.

We are ONE KRONOS, an initiative that highlights the breadth of our culture across the globe, aligned around our corporate values. Brighter together is our compass in everything we do and gives direction to all our initiatives and projects. It is our promise to our people.

Life at KRONOS

At KRONOS, we strive to build a culture of mutual respect that is understanding of differences. We are committed to creating and maintaining a workplace in which employees are valued for their skills, experience, and unique perspectives. Globally, we have strategically shifted our employee culture to focus on training, development, leadership, and succession planning.  As an organization, we recognize that the time is now to identify, train, and grow the future leaders of KRONOS.

People at KRONOS

“I like working for KRONOS because we all work as a team to produce and achieve the same goal. At KRONOS, health and safety at work are taken seriously and we always have the necessary protective equipment at our disposal.”

Innocent Richard – Production, Canada

People at KRONOS

“My job, as a part of the team, is to maintain the equipment to ensure that the production processes give a final product that satisfies the customers. We always make it better through collaboration between the various departments and sharing our knowledge.”

Elin – Preventive Maintenance, Norway

People at KRONOS

“Brighter together – To me, this implicates that we are stronger together, we can achieve more. This applies not only for us, as KRONOS, but even more in connection with our customers and partners in the industry for a long term sustainable future.”

Katja – Technical Service, Germany

People at KRONOS

“When I stepped into the temp office in 2010, I was very determined. I wanted to work in shifts, in an international company that invests in their employees. And now, 12 years later, I can say it all worked out very well! I am a proud KRONOS-ambassador that still loves to come to work every day.”

Ceylan – Production, Belgium

People at KRONOS

“I love to work for KRONOS, because I enjoy the duties and I get along well with my colleagues. Driving large mining trucks is exciting but also at times challenging.”

Aud Brit – Mine Operator, Norway

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Benefits at KRONOS

Team Events

At KRONOS, we strive to build programs that maximize employee attraction, retention, and engagement.

Growth Opportunities

We offer training, leadership development, competitive wages, and a community spirit to empower our employees to utilize their knowledge and experience as they grow within our organization.

Diversity & Inclusion

As a global organization, we continue to make diversity and inclusion a priority in the way we hire, retain, and engage talented individuals around the world.

Localized Benefits

KRONOS develops and delivers benefits across different cultures and geographic locations. Benefits are tailored to each location and in accordance with applicable governance and compliance processes.

Our Approach

KRONOS Cares focuses on social responsibility by giving back through volunteerism and monetary donations. Each operating location is allocated a KRONOS Cares budget to support local efforts most important to our employees. To truly be integrated with our individual communities around the globe, we intentionally do not set specific parameters for plant budgets so that employees at each location feel empowered to get involved with local organizations that are most meaningful for them.

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KRONOS Locations

KRONOS Locations

Our Culture and Values

Our Culture and Values

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