Innovation at KRONOS

At KRONOS more than 100 innovation specialists from interdisciplinary perspectives work together on product and process innovation.  These individuals are well-equipped with many years of varying expertise, knowledge, technologies, and analytics. But we believe that long-lasting relationships and productive teamwork with our customers and partners set us apart to create successful product innovations.

For KRONOS innovation does not mean the generation of as many new products as possible, but rather we strive for the development of the most suitable solutions to help our customers enhance their products and processes or take their business into the future. At KRONOS the customer is the focus and is actively involved in product development. The collaboration with customers starts very early. Before we start thinking about solution concepts or go into the lab, we work with our customers to spark new ideas or identify important unmet needs where KRONOS can find a solution to create new value for the customer. Our customers are involved in the product development process from concept evaluations to prototype testing to ensure the intended solution satisfies their needs and brings added value.