KRONOS Cares is a growing key company initiative, formally established in 2018, to provide employees with opportunities to become more involved in their local communities. At KRONOS, we want employees to have a deep level of attachment to the causes and organizations we support. By investing and caring for our communities, we are providing lasting benefits that will continue to enhance the well-being of local stakeholders for years to come.

Our Approach

KRONOS Cares focuses on social responsibility by giving back through volunteerism and monetary donations. Each operating location is allocated a KRONOS Cares budget to support local efforts most important to our employees. To truly be integrated with our individual communities around the globe, we intentionally do not set specific parameters for plant budgets so that employees at each location feel empowered to get involved with local organizations that are most meaningful for them.


Our top priority in philanthropy is to connect causes to employee concerns. Our relationship with the communities where we live and operate is of utmost importance, and our employees are the voices on the ground to provide direction on the needs of the community. Therefore, we focus on strategic opportunities to give back that reflect the concerns of our employees. Each operating location maintains a KRONOS Cares committee comprised of employees passionate about giving back to the communities where they live and work.


Philanthropy has been at the heart of our company for many years. From the time KRONOS was acquired by Contran Corporation in 1986, the tone was set for social responsibility and its importance in the communities where we operate. Together with the philanthropic mission of Contran Corporation and Harold Simmons Foundation, we contribute to local charitable endeavors supporting civic affairs, education, health, social welfare and youth programs based on local employee input and sponsorships.

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Our KRONOS Cares Mission

Think global, act local

While the mission of KRONOS Cares is consistent globally, we encourage each location to schedule regular volunteering activities that meet the needs of their local communities.

Embody Brighter together

We embrace every opportunity to bring employees together to make a brighter impact through volunteerism.

Care for our community

Caring goes beyond volunteerism and monetary donations. We work hand in hand with local organizations to continuously improve the communities in which we operate.


Wings for Life – Global KRONOS Cares project

On May 8, 2022, our employees all over the globe took part in the Wings for Life World Run. The concept: the race started at the exact same minute across the world. Our German employees participated at 1pm, while our US participants raced at 6am. KRONOS even had a few employees rank in the Top 10 for most kilometers.


Rock for Specials – KRONOS Cares Belgium

On June 28, 2022, the Belgian summer festival was officially kicked off with “Rock for Specials”. Rock for Specials is a festival for people with intellectual disabilities that takes place in Doornzele. At this 25th edition, 5000 individuals with disabilities and their companions were musically celebrated with a total festival experience. The two-day program of this unique festival included big names from the Belgian pop and rock scene such as Clouseau, Bart Peeters and Regi. KRONOS Europe is a proud sponsor of this festival. Nearly 20 colleagues volunteered to make this festival a success, and KRONOS Europe made a financial donation as well.


Impacting Education – KRONOS Cares Nordenham

On January 19, 2022 a group of employees from KRONOS Nordenham partnered with school management at the primary school in Blexen to promote bicycle safety.  The volunteers inspected the bicycles of fourth grade students for defective lighting and made repairs as they were needed.  In addition to the repairs, KRONOS Nordenham provided the children with high-visibility vests.


Racing to make a difference – KRONOS Cares Leverkusen

In July 2022, KRONOS Leverkusen participated in a half-marathon organized by  Energy Supply Leverkusen.  For every km run, KRONOS donated 1 €/km. After surveying the local employees, KRONOS selected the “Malteser Heart’s Wish Ambulance” in Leverkusen to be the recipient of the donations. The Malteser Heart’s Wish ambulance takes seriously ill patients to visit a place of their choice, fulfilling their last wishes. A visit to the theater, the soccer stadium, a view of the sea, or a ride to a family celebration are examples of visits a patient might choose. The services provided by Malteser in Leverkusen are free of charge for the patient and are made possible by volunteer work and donations.

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Our Impact

Over the past five years, we have focused on creating lasting community relationships in each of the communities where we operate. These relationships have helped our locations quickly lend a hand when our communities need it most. In 2020, we had unprecedented events with coronavirus and Hurricane Laura that required our people to go above and beyond. We are proud of the progress we have made and look forward to continued improvements that will make a long-lasting impact in our communities in the years ahead.


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Our Culture and Values

Our Culture and Values