KRONOS Rutile Paper 11

Surface-treated rutile slurry with highest whiteness for paper/cardboard coatings and paper mass


  • Paper/cardboard coatings and paper mass


  • displays high brightness and a neutral tone in paper and paper coatings
  • produces brilliant, clean tints in colored coatings
  • imparts very high opacity and whiteness to paper, wet and dry
  • has superior flow characteristics

Product characteristics

Production rutile pigment produced by the chloride process
Surface treatment aluminum, silicon and zirconium compounds
Solids 76.5 ± 0.5%
Dispersion weight* 19.5 ± 0.1 lb/gal
Viscosity (Brookfield)* approx. 200 cps at 100 rpm
Standard classification1(DIN EN ISO 591-1)* R2
ASTM D 4761 Type II, III, IV, V, VI & VII
Color index1 Pigment White 6 (77891)
CAS No.1 13463-67-7

*Typical value