Untreated, coarse rutile without pigmentary properties for electroceramics and welding rods


  • Electroceramics
  • Vitreous enamels
  • Glazes
  • Glass
  • Ceramics
  • Glass fibers
  • Welding rods


  • is readily fused in vitreous enamels and glass
  • increases the UV absorption of glass
  • improves the mechanical, thermal and electrical properties of glass fibers
  • enhances the mechanical and thermal resistance of glass ceramics
  • improves sintering in ceramics, enhances thermal and acid resistance
  • ensures excellent ionisation in electric arc welding
  • ensures consumption of the welding electrode without spattering
  • ensures easy re-ignition of the electrode
  • allows control of slag fluidity during welding

Product characteristics

Production rutile produced by the sulfate process
Surface treatment none
TiO2 content (DIN EN ISO 591) ≥ 99%
Density (DIN EN ISO 787-10)* 4.2 g/cm3
Bulking value* 0.24 l/kg (0.03 gal/lb)
Sieve residue > 40 μm (after dispersion in water)* ≤ 40.0%
Sieve residue > 200 μm (after dispersion in water)* ≤ 0.5%
CAS No. 13463-67-7
REACH Registration No. 01-2119489379-17-xxxx

*Typical value