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Over 100 years of expertise in TiO2, benchmark products, innovative spirit and outstanding services – this is our promise to you.

TiO2 pigment remains for over a century our one and only passion. As a result of our deep technical focus in this field as well as significant investments in our research capabilities and high-end equipment, we know each application in all its facets and will find with you the best possible solution for your business.

We work hard to provide the very best experience and go above and beyond your expectation. We believe we are brighter when we work together.

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Customer Service

  • KRONOS Customer Service goes beyond customer’s expectations.
  • Our Customer Service Representatives are reliable, knowledgeable, quick, and approachable. They provide a great customer experience.
  • We are not afraid of challenges, because we are solutions-oriented. We are ready to partner with our customers in problem-solving to meet their needs.
  • We believe building good relationships with our customers is the key to mutual success.

Logistic Services

  • We make it our business to understand the needs of our customers. That is why we deliver the right products at the right time.
  • We have multiple warehouses strategically located on two continents to allow flexible and quick deliveries.

Logistic Services

  • We work with highly reliable partners and experienced logistic companies to supply our customers all over the world.
  • We continuously strive to increase the efficiency of our product logistics for the benefit of customers.
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Technical Services

  • KRONOS is a name associated with a tradition of know-how and technical competence based on decades of experience in the production and use of TiO2 pigments.
  • To maintain this high level of expertise in the industry, our Technical Service Department remains in constant dialogue and cooperation with our customers and raw material suppliers to detect market needs and new technical innovations that may enhance our TiO2 products.

Technical Services

  • Technical services are an integral part of our services to our customers and overall business model.
  • To meet the technical requirements of our customers, our Technical Service Department employs qualified industrial chemists, experienced technical engineers, and lab technicians who know how to optimize the performance of TiO2 pigments in application.

Technical Services

  • Their ultimate goal is to improve the functionality and quality of the product and achieve optimal performance and cost-efficiency of customer´s application systems.
  • Our Technical Service laboratories are generously furnished with state-of-the-art equipment, comparable to the machinery and application systems typically used by our customers.

Technical Services

  • We use customer-oriented test formulations and have experienced technical experts to interpret and evaluate the test results generated.
  • Our Technical Service Team regularly publishes technical brochures on product and application-related subjects, which are primarily based on internal laboratory investigations.
  • They also participate at international trade fairs and hold technical presentations at scientific exhibitions and expert symposia.
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Full Range of Technical Services

Assistance in correct KRONOS pigment selection

Consultation on usage of KRONOS pigments

On-site technical training

Active collaboration on new pigment developments

Assessment of KRONOS grades versus other available alternatives

Interaction with raw material suppliers

Participation at trade fairs and conferences

Review of technical literature and presentation of information

Performance of weathering tests

Our Applications Services

KRONOS has a wide selection of sulfate and chloride TiO2 pigments recommended for all types of waterborne, solvent-based, or solvent free paints and coatings. The surface treatments on the pigment vary not only in chemical composition but also in their structure. Some surface-treated pigments may be voluminous, with a large surface area, and other surface treated pigments may have a dense-skin with a superior outdoor weathering performance. The pigment properties differ in optical properties, dispersibility, gloss, durability and abrasion.

Our Technical Service Department can help you select the pigment best suited for your application, including the optimization of the dispersion process and stabilization of the final coating. We also have fully capable coating laboratories that can tackle a variety of coatings-related projects.

Plastics manufacturers need TiO2 pigments that can readily and efficiently incorporate into their polymer matrices and that provide bright white surfaces with optimum opacity and tinting strength. Depending on the end application of the plastic, the requirements placed on the TiO2 pigment can be very demanding.  For example, the pigment must hold up to produce highly loaded pigment masterbatches for high temperature melt extrusion coatings and lacing free blown films, or to achieve excellent thermal stability in products made of polycarbonate or for white, durable window frames made of PVC. Our plastics laboratory is equipped with an array of machines typical for processing different types of plastics and the incorporation of TiO2 pigments into these systems.

Our Technical Services Team has comprehensive knowledge on topics related to TiO2 in polymer matrices. In the plastics laboratories, KRONOS’ Technical Services Team can determine the performance of TiO2 in plastic applications, such as PVC, polyolefins, styrenes and engineering plastics, including their optical properties, melt flow index for viscosity, their state of dispersion, pressure filtration performance and, where required, their resistance to lacing in blown films and mixing characteristics.

In our paper laboratory, KRONOS has state-of-the-art equipment that allows us to evaluate TiO2 pigments in a wide variety of paper applications under realistic conditions. This applies both to the addition of TiO2 to paper pulp and to pigmentation in paper and board coatings. A particular focus of our activities is the evaluation of special TiO2 pigments for use in high- and low-pressure décor papers and decorative foils. For the preparation of the laminates, we have two semi-automatic sheet formers and a modern laminate press.

TiO2 is an excellent UV absorber, although it can also display various degrees of photocatalytic activity depending on modification (anatase or rutile) and surface treatment. Therefore, weathering and photostability tests are of great importance. For example, we measure gloss retention, chalking resistance, color retention, UV-greying resistance of paper laminates, and tensile and impact strength of plastic specimens in these tests.
The KRONOS weathering team is equipped to run accelerated weathering tests with a large number of different weathering devices. The weathering team also carries out long-term, natural weathering tests at our KRONOS Engstenberg Weathering Station near Leverkusen, Germany. When required, KRONOS also sends test panels to weathering parks in Florida and Arizona, USA to test the durability of coatings and to Bandol, France to test plastic specimens.

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