Circular Economy & KRONOS ecochem®

At KRONOS we actively manage our environmental footprint to reduce material waste and pollution in adherence with applicable laws and regulations. However, we go beyond compliance to achieve greater environmental stewardship and beneficial reuse in the areas of waste and material use. We focus on minimizing waste generation and promoting a circular economy by converting by-products to co-products via additional processing. These co-products have multiple applications including beneficial reuse and enhanced sustainability in other industries. We actively look for new and unique opportunities to promote the circular economy.

The cornerstone of our pioneering efforts is ecochem®, a division of KRONOS established nearly 50 years ago. We are extremely proud of KRONOS ecochem®, which provides significant economic and environmental benefits to the company and maximizes our stewardship through beneficial reuse of material that would otherwise be discarded as waste.

KRONOS ecochem®

KRONOS ecochem® was the first in the industry to market and sell beneficial use iron-based co-products generated in large quantities as a result of titanium dioxide production.  These salts provide a myriad of environmental benefits including water/sewage treatment, odor control, chromate reduction in cements, and agricultural uses.


KRONOS’ use of innovative upcycling to generate these products is a pioneering achievement, enabling the company to find valuable markets for these products, enhance the sustainability of our operations, and benefit both human health and the environment.


KRONOS ecochem products can be characterized by their high quality, consistent composition, and reliable availability. Our success is primarily attributable to decades of direct interaction and cooperation with both local authorities and the industries we serve. Continuous optimization of our manufacturing processes, an unwavering focus on research and development, and ongoing collaboration and dialogue with our customers ensure our continued success.


KRONOS ecochem participates in both national and international technical committees. This participation is another way in which we shape the development of new products and innovative applications for this business. KRONOS understands that promoting and contributing to circular economy is important to the long-term sustainability of our business and the communities in which we live and work.

Triple-Net Benefit

The KRONOS ecochem business has a triple-net benefit to the environment. Its primary purpose is to minimize waste and facilitate contributions to circular economy through identification of opportunities for the beneficial reuse of KRONOS’ co-products. This beneficial reuse has a secondary benefit to the environment through use in applications like water treatment. In addition to these benefits, the division is devoted to sustainability as described in the KRONOS Ecochem Sustainability Report.

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