Responsible Supply Chain

KRONOS sources multiple varieties of high-grade CP feedstocks as well as other materials and services from multiple suppliers around the globe. We approach the market for many raw materials from a global perspective as it relates to negotiating and securing supply, while taking into account local operational needs and ESG compliance and impacts. Please click here for ESG policies and reports related to the supply chain.

Supplier Code of Conduct

KRONOS is committed to the highest standards of product safety and quality, business integrity, and human rights when we are dealing with our customers, suppliers, and employees.

Our Supplier Code of Conduct reflects KRONOS’ commitments and sets forth requirements for our suppliers related to ethics and integrity, labor and employment practices, protecting human rights, worker safety, environmental protection, and preventing discrimination. Our suppliers are required to either directly sign our Supplier Code or submit their own equivalent code or policy which is then subject to legal review within our organization.

Supply Chain Compliance

KRONOS has implemented a due diligence and risk management program focused on our suppliers to support compliance with supply chain regulations currently in effect in Germany and Norway and those proposed in other jurisdictions including the European Union and Canada. Our program is designed to consistently evaluate environmental, social and governance/ethics (ESG) risk and impacts on our supply chain, including but not limited to human rights and working conditions.

Our sustainable procurement team uses a two-step approach when carrying out ESG due diligence assessments of our suppliers. The first step entails carrying out an initial, high-level assessment of the potential risks to which KRONOS may be exposed. This step provides us with ESG risk profiling of our suppliers based on their country and sector ESG risk statistics. Based on this initial mapping, we can identify which suppliers and business partners are linked to the potential risks. In the second step, we prioritize the most significant risks for a more detailed assessment and implement suitable measures to address risks and adverse impacts.

In performing these assessments, our sustainable procurement team uses a collaborative platform, EcoVadis, to annually assess, track and improve our suppliers’ sustainability performance. The outcome of the supply chain ESG risk analysis enables KRONOS to identify the highest ESG risks in the supply chain. If our sustainable procurement team identifies any actual adverse ESG impacts through our assessment process, we will work with the supplier to develop a corrective action plan.

ESG Ratings

To honor our ESG commitments, since 2012  KRONOS partners with EcoVadis, an independent service providing sustainability ratings with a strong focus on broad ESG performance in the global supply chain. We use our EcoVadis rating to memorialize our efforts and benchmark our progress in ESG topic areas most relevant to our customers, industry, and supply chain. KRONOS participates in annual Together for Sustainability (TfS), Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) assessments administered and scored by EcoVadis. We have hold an IntegrityNext rating.

We now partner directly with several of our largest customers through the EcoVadis online platform. To address risks in the supply chain KRONOS recently engaged EcoVadis to expand our existing partnership to include evaluations of our own suppliers’ sustainability performance.


Supply Chain Reporting

Reports of ESG risks in our supply chain can be reported through our Reporting Hotline.

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