Surface-treated anatase pigment for synthetic fibers and inks


  • Acrylic, rayon and acetate fibers
  • UV-cured printing inks
  • Leather finishes
  • Masterbatches for polyester fibers


  • displays excellent delustering efficiency and a neutral tone in fibers
  • disperses readily
  • shows minimum abrasion
  • exhibits higher lightfastness than untreated anatase pigments
  • provides good optical properties in coatings in combination with optical brighteners

Product characteristics

Production anatase pigment produced by the sulfate process
Surface treatment aluminum and silicon compounds
TiO2 content (DIN EN ISO 591) ≥ 96%
Standard classification (DIN EN ISO 591-1) A 2
ASTM D 476 Type I
Density (DIN EN ISO 787-10)* 3.8 g/cm3
Bulking value* 0.26 l/kg (0.03 gal/lb)
Oil absorption (DIN EN ISO 787-5)* 22 g/100 g pigment
Color index Pigment White 6 (77891)
CAS No. 13463-67-7
REACH Registration No. 01-2119489379-17-xxxx

*Typical value